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With this script, you can license your own PHP projects. Issue license keys, and manage these licenses. 
This script also has a built-in PHP obfuscator to protect your code from theft.


Developed on RAMStudio.


This system will help you.

It happens that you are reluctant to provide the source code of the projects that you developed. To do this, you can use obfuscator programs.

And it happens that you do not want to close the source code, how to protect the script from copying.

What our system is capable of you can see below.


Full protection of any code based on php (script, plugin, template, etc.)

Regardless of the nature of your PHP code, MyCodeFort can protect it in a matter of minutes. Our licensed PHP system works with stand-alone scripts and applications, plug-ins and add-ons and even templates.

A protected application will run on any server that supports PHP 5.3 or later, along with its most popular extensions: MySQLi (with prepared statements), cURL and Mcrypt. 99% of hosting providers included them by default; Therefore, your application will be compatible with any server.

The system is designed for protection php projects, license for php scripts, protect my code.


Dynamic protection and remote management of licensing in real time.

Many vendors claim "good protection" by blocking script files to a specific IP or domain. The only thing they forget about is that for this method, you need to re-encode the duplicate files for each user. In other words, this means that automatic delivery of the order is not possible. Why? Since you need to request the client's IP address, manually add it to the source code, recode and send the application to the client. In addition, what if an unfair person requires a refund or initiates a refund later? That's right, he can still continue to use your product on this IP address or domain..

The task becomes simple with the help of MyCodeFort! Because these licenses are always stored on your server, you can provide the same code to all clients, simplifying automatic delivery. Every time the application starts, it connects to your server to verify the license. If any of the parameters (IP, domain, license status, signature, etc.) does not match, it just stops working.


One installation for an unlimited number of products, customers and licenses.

After installing the web module of the PHP license system on your server, use it to manage unlimited products, clients, and licenses. Technically speaking, all records are stored in one place, so you can access them anywhere and anytime.

Are you on vacation on the other side of the world? Simply take your phone to add a new client, issue a new one or change an existing license, check the application usage logs for the selected clients, or even remotely deactivate a specific license.


Temporary trial (trial) and limited support / renewal of licenses

The duration of the problem (never expires) expires (expires after the specified date) and limited support (for technical support and / or application updates only expires after a certain date). You can also combine all the options and get an unlimited number of possible configurations.

For example, you can issue a lifetime license to C1 client to install the product P1 on domain D1. In addition, you can issue an additional license for one product P1 to the same C1 customer, but only configure it for domain D2 and stop receiving updates within 6 months, and the license itself expires in 12 months. Remember that this is just a very simple example - there are dozens of options for the game.



The license can be tied to the domain (the product will run on, or, a subdomain (the product will only work on

You can also use a real and working domain. As a result, the PHP system blocks protection from work at the address, for example, or the like.


No need to enter any serial number or key during installation

Do not bother your users with easy-to-use serial numbers or keys. Ask them to enter an email address, so the PHP licensing system will automatically check if the person is allowed to install and use the selected product on a particular machine.


Guaranteed software protection

You get a first-class product that is constantly used in real life without being hacked. And if you look at the MyCodeFort installation files, you will see that this technology is used to protect the PHP system itself. Is not this the best evidence of the company's word?


Real time monitoring and self defense

Sounds too hard? Do not bother with all the material of the botanist. The only thing you need to know is that the PHP system constantly monitors not only the status of your script, but also yourself. When the module detects a kiddie script trying to replace any file, enter an unverified code, modify the smallest bit of data or perform similar activity, it blocks the application even from execution.


Super easy integration into any PHP application

MyCodeFort offers different levels of code protection, but no matter which one you choose, integration is quick and easy. You do not need to rewrite the existing code or add complex libraries, just need some PHP files and call one of the built-in functions just before the start of your code (or add all to the application configuration file for one-click customization). Of course, each function can be personalized according to your expectations, and full documentation is available.


Fully customizable notifications in any language

Your customers will never know that you are using our PHP licensing system to protect your intellectual property. How is it possible? All messages (successful or failed check of licenses, expired updates, etc.) Configure 100%. Need to create a product for the Japanese market? Why not display 無効 な ラ イ セ ン ス instead of "invalid license"? Correctly, each element can be adapted to your personal needs.


Unrivaled performance

Regardless of how many products and clients you have, remote license scans do not cause any load on the server. A shared hosting account for $ 1 or less is enough to run a license check for thousands of active clients without any impact on system resources.

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